Buenos Aires Travel Video Guide

Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, is said to be the most European city inSouth America with buildings that are reminiscent of bygone times, with melancholy, romance and Latin flair is a part of daily life as well as a passion for steak, tango and football! The mighty Plaza de Mayo is the historic heart of the city and the pink fa├žade of the Casa Rosada shines brightly, the Presidential palace from...

Natural Attractions Travel Video Guide

Lots of Beautiful Natural Attractions are in this video!Enjoy watching this beautiful natur

Botswana Travel Video Guide

Travel video about the destiny Botswana.The largest natural paradise in southern Africa with untouched wilderness, diverse wildlife and the Bushmen of the Kalahar

Architectural Wonders Travel Video Tips

This video is about the architectural wonders of the world. This video will let you see a couple of beautiful architectural wonders in the worl

Quito Travel Video Guide

Quito, otherwise known as the ‘divine city’, is the capital of Ecuador. It is a Spanish colonial city and Baroque gem surrounded by volcanic mountains, its historic centre having been built on the ruins of an Inca city. La Basilica is situated on a northern hill and is one of the city’s most monumental buildings measuring a hundred and forty metres long and thirty five metres wide....

Must See WaterFalls Travel Video Guide

This is a video about 4 beautiful waterfalls! From the Niagara Falls in Canada to the Victoria Falls in Africa, than back to the united states for the Shoshone Falls and as final the Detifoss Falls in Icelan

Extreme Sports Travel Video Tips

You will see a couple of places to exercise your extreme sports! Are you one of them that really like the adrenaline you get with exercising these sports? Than this is the video you’re looking fo

Helsinki Travel Video Guide

Helsinki, the Daughter of the Baltic, the Gibraltar of the North, a dividing line between east and west and a modern and liberal minded metropolis. Founded in 1550 by Swedish king Gustav I as a as a trading centre and in 1812, Csar Alexander I made it the capital of the Principality of Finland. The Senaatintori is located in the centre of the city. The square is dominated by a monument and surrounded...

Hongkong Travel Video Guide

Hong Kong is a city of the superlative with glimmering skyscrapers that seem to take root in the sky and one elegant building after another with shining glass and hi-tech facades. Around 150 years ago, Hong Kong Island was under British Colonial rule and today, only a few buildings of this period remain. The white Flagstaff House, former residence of the colony’s British military commander, contains...

Zanzibar Travel Video Guide

Zanzibar is a paradise-like island just off the Tanzanian coast. An island of spice and exotic aromas, sultans’ palaces, harems, shining white beaches and fiery red sunsets. The ancient oriental city of Zanzibar derived its name from its many old stone buildings. Charming and mysterious, they have witnessed much of the island’s dramatic past and the tangled architecture of coral stone and...